Emberglow Outdoor Resort

COVID-19 Information

With the updated knowledge and information on COVID-19, we are ready to get back to a “new normal”. We have put a lot of thought and consideration into making sure our guests and staff remain safe while on-site here at Emberglow. We will continue to monitor and evaluate our processes and procedures as any new information arises.

Extra Precautions We’re Taking:

  • Optional express check-in – pick up a pre-packaged envelope from the board outside the office and go straight to your site or lodging. Please contact the Emberglow Front Desk to set up an express check-in for your reservation.
  • Pool – The pool will be open; we will continue to monitor any new information in regards to the virus and adjust the pool capacity as needed.
  • Camp Store – The camp store is open (masks required in the store).
  • Bedding – Clean sheets and towels are provided. Starting May 1st, 2021 all lodging site beds will have also have blankets and comforters which will be laundered /sanitized between guests.
  • Gatherings – Emberglow has started hosting some events on site. All guests have the option to participate as little or as much as they would like. During events please continue to practice safe, cautious measures.
  • Extra Cleaning – Additional attention is being given to potentially germy surfaces like counters, handles, and doors.
  • Private Trails – We have added onsite private trails so guests can go hiking/biking without encountering crowded trailheads.
  • No-touch Policy – Our staff will be greeting guests with smiles and waves instead of handshakes and high-fives. Thank you for understanding and supporting this.
  • Social Distancing – Current recommendations include practicing social distancing of at least six feet, which is easy to maintain in the great outdoors!
  • Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray will be available in common areas.
  • Staff Masks – Staff will have masks on in the store and if they need to enter your lodging for a service call but don’t worry, we are still smiling underneath!
  • Guest Masks – Guests will be required to wear masks inside the resort store. Guests are not required to wear masks elsewhere on the property but are encouraged to do so if they will be coming in contact with other people on site. For example: the bathhouse.
  • Medical Facilities – Guests can request a list at any time of urgent care and emergency rooms in the area in the event their health takes a turn for the worse.
  • Up-To-Date Information – Emberglow Outdoor Resort is on standby 24/7 to support and coordinate with local and regional authorities.

Emberglow’s Relaxed Cancellation Policy:

Hopefully we are moving past the pandemic but in the event things take a turn for the worse again, we would greatly appreciate you putting your reservation on hold instead of canceling. Many of you did the first time, and we thank you!

We will be constantly updating and revising as circumstances change and will extend the penalty-free cancelation window should circumstances warrant.

To place your reservation on “hold” or to cancel, please call 828.625.2205 or email frontdesk@emberglowoutdoorresort.com.

Events at Emberglow:

Emberglow group activities and celebrations are being reintroduced for guests to participate in onsite. Guests are welcome to participate as much or as little as they would like.