Group Reservations at Emberglow

This option is great for friends, family reunions, work retreats, and neighborhood vacations.

How do group reservations work?

Emberglow is a great place to get the group together. To make it extremely easy we have created a group booking option that allows one person to reserve a block of units and sites for their group and then have each member of the group choose what they want and book it directly!


It’s easy as 1-2-3


Step one

One person calls the front desk to pick the dates and units to reserve. (No deposit needed)


Step two

A unique link gets sent to the group with the list of options in the block.


Step three

Group members select a unit / site and complete the booking. DONE

Unclaimed units expire from the block after a pre-determined period. (Typically two weeks)

Do camping your way

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